Norhard Drilling equipment consist of modules – In principal three main categories:

  1. Remote controlled equipment travelling in rock.
  2. Different drill string solutions.
  3. Surface equipment.

Composition of equipment is adapted to the specific project depending on length and difference of level over the drilling distance, diameter and actual geological conditions.

Some examples:

Profile for Hatlestad Powerplant - Fjærland
Plan for Hatlestad Powerplant - Fjærland
Profile for Børtveit Powerplant - Stord
Plan for Børtveit Powerplant - Stord


Solutions for lining over a section or over full length is often a part of a complete pressure shaft. Established solutions so far are based on insertion and welding of steel pipes with equipment and methods especially designed for the purpose.

Different solutions for lining and fastening based on evaluations of the actual geological condition and pressure compared to over cover of rock. Lining over full length or in other cases over a section of the length.