Norwegian Hard Rock Drilling

Directional Drilling over long distances


In House technology development and Equipment Production

Full Service Provider for Cost Efficient and Environmental Friendly drilling solutions in Hard Rock.

Diameter range 0,4 m and up to 1,5 m over distances up to 3 km.


Drilling of pressure shafts for Hydro Power Plants has so far been the main focus area for development of technology and business. Environmental friendly penstocks for several small hydro power plants in Norway delivered by Norhard are now in operation.

Norhard’s vision is to become an international leading entity for development and operation of cost efficient and environmental friendly full profile drilling technology for Hydro Power as well as other underground systems based on patented technology and equipment already in operation.



Fully electric operated equipment. Electric motor directly connected to the drill head and integrated crawler functionality enable drilling with none rotating drill string and low stresses at the drill string.

Cables for energy transmission and communication integrated in the none rotating drill string enables integration of systems for navigation, steering and data-based operation and surveillance of the remote-controlled equipment. Low weight on the drill string enables drilling over long distances. Integrated systems for navigation and steering enables capability of drilling after predefined curves with high grade of accuracy.





Twenty Hydropower plants in Norway – annual production about 250 GWh clean renewable energy are now in operation with pressure shafts supplied by Norhard. The pressure shafts comprises tunnels and solutions for lining over distances up to 1,5 km within the diameter range from 0,7 m and up to 1,5 m.


Solutions for lining over a section or over full length is often a part of a complete pressure shaft. Established solutions so far are based on insertion and welding of steel pipes with equipment and methods especially designed for the purpose. Different solutions for lining and fastening based on evaluations of the actual geological condition and pressure compared to over cover of rock. Lining over full length or in other cases over a section of the length.